Contact Lenses in Barnsley

Enjoy the Freedom of Contact Lenses

Why Wear Contact Lenses

With modern day advancements most people are eligible to wear contact lenses but often think they cannot. Here's a few reasons why contact lenses might be right for you:

  • You don't want to wear glasses all the time
  • You want to have more flexibility while playing sport or working out
  • You don't want to have to carry around different glasses
  • You want the flexibility to wear non-prescription sunglasses
Man playing tennis with contact lenses in
Optician Chris Checking Patients eye during a contact lense fitting in Barnsely

Contact Lens Fitting

Whether you want to change your look for that special night out or want to be glasses free. Contact lenses offer a freedom glasses cannot.

Many people believe that they cannot be prescribed contact lenses because of their prescription but often this is not correct. Our Director Chris Raison is an dispensing optician that specialises in contact lenses and can help you to decide which type of contact lens would best suit your prescription and requirements. We offer all types of contact lenses including multifocal contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Helpful Information:

What Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?

Determining the Best Contact Lenses for Your Needs: The journey to finding the perfect contact lenses can be daunting, given the multitude of options available. Your choice will inevitably affect your daily life and, more importantly, the health of your eyes. Multiple factors like your wearing frequency, maintenance habits, and any existing eye conditions play…