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How to See Clearly & Safely When Contact Lenses are Not an Option

The football season has started and the rugby season is also about to start. Let's face it, being able to see the ball will probably improve your game.

If your vision is impaired this can severely impact your game. Contact lenses are great, but, sometimes they are not appropriate. This could be for a number of reasons.


What options do you have when contact lenses are not for you? 

Mexx Sports Spex

Mexx sports specs that are designed for contact sports. They come with polycarbonate safety lenses which are impact resistant significantly reducing the risk of your sports specs from smashing and potentially going into your eyes. Mexx Sport Specs also has a silicone padded bridge for added protection and comfort. The elasticated retraining strap will ensure your Maxx Sport Specs stay firmly on your head allowing you to concentrate on your game.

There are a large range of styling and colour options.

Maxx Sports Specs come in both adult and children sizes so you can ensure your game stays on peak performance regardless of your age.

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