What Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?

Determining the Best Contact Lenses for Your Needs:

The journey to finding the perfect contact lenses can be daunting, given the multitude of options available. Your choice will inevitably affect your daily life and, more importantly, the health of your eyes. Multiple factors like your wearing frequency, maintenance habits, and any existing eye conditions play a vital role. Here's a guide to help streamline your decision-making process:

contact lens on finger

Frequency of Wear:

Do you envision wearing contacts daily or only on specific occasions? Regular wearers might find cost benefits with rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. These durable lenses, while requiring diligent care, last longer. They need daily cleaning and soaking in lens solutions. On the flip side, soft contact lenses, often known as disposable lenses, are made from a pliable, breathable material that promotes comfort. The innovative silicone-hydrogel variants allow increased oxygen flow, enhancing the comfort quotient.

Overnight Wear:

Some soft lenses are designed for extended wear – ranging from daily disposables to those lasting up to 30 days. However, the duration often depends on how comfortable the wearer feels during prolonged usage. there are also contact lenses designed for the user to sleep in, However, we do not provide sleeping lenses due to the fact the wearer is 27x more likely to suffer a serious eye infection. our opinion is that this is simply not worth it.

Existing Eye Conditions:

If you're someone dealing with allergies or dry eye syndrome, it's crucial to have a candid conversation with your optician. Daily disposable lenses, which are lighter and more breathable, can alleviate some symptoms. Experimenting with different brands can lead you to the most compatible one, ensuring clear vision and eye comfort.

Maintenance Commitment:

Opting for non-disposable lenses comes with the responsibility of daily care. Proper cleaning and immersion in suitable lens solutions are non-negotiable steps. Adhering to these precautions will shield you from severe issues like fungal eye infections and corneal ulcers.


In Conclusion:

Your eyes are invaluable, and the decision about contact lenses shouldn't be taken lightly. Engage with an optician, and if possible, a contact lens specialist, to make an informed choice. Remember, with the right pair of lenses, you're not just ensuring clear vision but also guaranteeing long-term eye health. Your comfort, lifestyle, and well-being deserve nothing but the best.

Speak with a Contact Lense Specialist in Barnsley

C A Raison's contact lense specialist will survey your eyes and consult with you on your needs. Factors such as use and length of time will help our contact lense specialist to make an appropriate recommendation to you.